3 Stunning Websites Building on Winning Themes

2017 has been a huge year for website design, with developments continuing to shock and delight all of us. But one of the most beautiful things has been the way designers have built on what are already winning themes from the past couple of years. Here are a few examples:



Abingworth web design


Abingworth gets a mention not only for their design, but because they were able to implement it in a traditionally well, traditional industry: financial investments. These websites are fairly par for the course, so the firm has done well to add some different dimensions. At first look, it seems like a standard slide-through design that has been fairly common since 2015. But the firm has cleverly implemented a few subtle graphics and movement that helps to keep the user interested – which is a key design element at the moment: taking a well-known ‘theme’ and creating your own look. How do you build upon what’s already successful and make it yours?


Hideout Lodge

Hideout lodge website design


In much the same way as the group above, Hideout Lodge have utilised a known winning design but added their own bits on top. The thing is, unlike above, they’re not stifled by a heavily regulated and ‘serious’ industry, so their designers had free range. We love scrolling through this website: every page is a different experience. You should definitely go check it out for ideas of your own!



Weirdbox TV website design


When it comes to taking a known design and pushing the boundaries, nothing does better than Weirdbox. There’s something to be said for a website that takes a simple layout, and shows you that design is about a lot more than just first impressions. This site has been designed with the user’s emotional connection in mind – something that you really need to visit the website to understand. So go to weirdbox.tv, engage in their uniqueness, and appreciate how much more websites can be than a simple static page with writing on it.