How to Make Your Content Dense

If you read our recent guide to SEO in 2017, you’ll have seen that one thing search engines will be looking at for ranking parameters in the near future is content density. This post, however, is to run you through some simple steps you can do to prepare for this: how to make your content dense.

web dense content review


1. Review

Easier said than done. Reviewing your work can be pretty tough, because it’s hard to see past what you meant to say at what it’s actually saying. A good tip is to have someone else review it. There should always be a stopgap between the writer and the website.

Even if you’re the owner of the site, and you write your own content, and you know the subject inside-out, get someone to review your content. Objective eyes will always spot where you’ve over-complicated things when you thought you were just being helpful, or clever, or both.


2. Compare

Compare your writing with that on other sites. There is a clear difference between copying and competitor research. Comparing the content of others in your field doesn’t mean taking their words as your own – it means looking at the way they’re informing their audience of a subject, and making sure that you’re not flagging behind in the effectiveness of your writing.

Writing about how to throw a Frisbee? Go check out all the Frisbee blogs out there to see if they can help you make your content a bit more lean and to-the-point.


3. Edit

For you writers out there, the first step (Review) might have sounded scary. But this is harder. After reviewing your writing and – more importantly – having someone else review it, and then comparing it to your competitors’ efforts, it’s time to edit.

Go through your content – be that webpage content or a blog post or e-book – and cut. Cut heavily. Cut without remorse.

Then leave your desk, go for a walk, come back and cut again.

Your readers don’t want to read everything in your head. They just want to learn about how to throw a Frisbee!