How To Start An Online Business

Should I start my own online business? A decade ago this question may have been laughed off by many, but with the advancements seen in the digital world, along with the huge numbers of people active online every second of every day, this is now a legitimate question to be asking yourself. Particularly if you have a skillset that would benefit a specific group of people. Because believe us – they’re out there. There are billions of users online at all times, and its down to how well you plan and execute your idea that will be the deciding factors in your ‘working from home’ idea. But there are a couple of critical steps that you should follow to give your business the best chance possible of succeeding in what is a flooded landscape.


Find your passion or skill

One of the most egregious errors of judgement possible in this landscape of online business is to enter an industry in which you are not adept. Whilst taking a plunge is often in our DNA, a solid background in a specific field will give you a head start in getting that business up and running. This, as well as a passion for it, because although the rewards are great in owning your own business, so too may be the sacrifices when you’re first getting started.


Build the website

This is, of course, critical – perhaps the single most important step – and whilst many may advocate the use of simple Content Management Systems and a DIY approach, there is much to be said for having professionals do this for you.

The internet (and its users) is a fickle beast, and design preferences – those aspects of a website that severely effect User Experience which in turn can have a hit on Search Engine rankings – change at a high speed. It’s ultra important that you address this point, and that your website handles modern expectations – particularly things like mobile-responsiveness and quick page load speeds.


Commence Content Marketing

The online business world is one in which the motto ‘Build it and they will come’ certainly does not apply. A lot of work goes into firstly building a website that will attract the right attention from search engines, and then even more so one that will show up high on the first page of Google.

Content Marketing may well be a term you’ve heard of, but to have a successful online business it is one that you will need to understand well to find the success and freedom you are chasing.

All of these steps are critical to the success of your business, and whilst some may feel confident in going it alone, for the rest of us there is Wolf. If you don’t want to deal with the coding, the research and technical SEO, or the specialism involved in direct content marketing, you can get in touch with us to sort it out for you. That way, you can focus on what it is you do best – whatever that may be!