What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is now more important that it has ever been, and its importance continues to grow. It is about far more than producing and publishing content; it only shows it true value when that content gets distributed and accessed by your target market. Social media provides the ideal distribution platform at it enables participants to share information, which can have a potentially exponential impact on volume readership.


Brian Solis conversation prism
Brian Solis conversation prism


Content marketing extends traditional marketing and focuses on the distribution of engaging and useful information, ideas, and entertainment. People tend to disbelieve advertisements but trust shared content. We prefer to learn from published articles that we do from hype. Content marketing is also highly cost effective. Consider how much it would cost to advertise to product in the main media, for instance on TV advertising, and compare that to the cost of social media where the only real cost is time.


Search Engine Optimisation

Content marketing also underpins search engine optimisation (SEO) and distributed quality content will result in quality backlinks and sharing. However it is a complex task that can be challenging.

At Wolf we understand that content marketing is far more than getting the words right, but that is still an important part of the task. Sourcing quality content that your audience will find compelling and will wish to share is an essential part of the strategy. We are good a helping our clients to get their message across. Choosing the right medium is crucial as is getting the timing right.


Innovative and effective content marketing strategy

We will work with you to develop and innovative and effective content marketing strategy that will enable your business to engage with your audience in a way that will deliver results.

Content marketing is a two way process in which your strategy is optimised as you learn from your audience; a two way street. The rewards are customer loyalty, improved brand awareness, improved search engine performance, and increased revenue streams.