What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is now an essential part of a total marketing strategy and businesses that ignore its potential do so at their peril.


Drive traffic to your website

In the modern world social media marketing is no longer an option; businesses that fail to engage with it will certainly be left standing by their competitors

The world has changed from when marketing involved showing your target audience an advertisement and sitting back waiting for a boost in sales. Today people take much less notice of messages they receive from adds; but they do believe the messages they receive from friends and messages that are shared.

Social media marketing is all about engagement with your target audience, and at Wolf we are skilled at doing so. We know that social media is all about people and relationships rather than just selling things.


  • Focus on your audience wherever they are and where they move to, for instance Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumbler and so forth.
  • Defocus on the commercial side in favour of ad free marketing. Advertising still has its place, but it is no longer the dominant factor.
    We can help you make the best of both worlds.
  • Engage with your audience rather than broadcast to them. The world has changed; people prefer to engage rather than respond to what they are told.
  • Distribute useful information that people want, enjoy and share. This requires quality content which can include all forms of media including the written word, pictures, videos and animations.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the campaign by monitoring tweets, likes and shares. This way you can optimise your efforts and focus on the things that work most effectively.


No magic bullet

Social Media Marketing should be a big part of your overall marketing campaign. There is no magic bullet that will guarantee a successful marketing campaign, but by engaging the creative skills and experience of the Wolf Pack you can increase your chances of success. Our approach is completely flexible so why not call us now.