Why Search Engine Optimisation is Still Important in 2018

Search Engine Optimisation is a phrase that, not so long ago, most people on the street would have taken with confusion. Steadily over the past five or so years, more and more people working across every industry imaginable have come to understand – at least in principle – why SEO is so important to modern business. However, I still talk to people that think it is, if not a fad, certainly a passing trend. Something that was suitable for the Internet’s ‘easier times’ and a convoluted 2018 web doesn’t have SEO holding much sway.

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This line of thinking is wrong, and it’s important for those of you that are only just coming on board to understand what SEO is, basic industry principles, and how you can contribute without being an optimisation professional.

So to that end, because of how much more important SEO is in 2018 than ever before, we’ve put together a three-point list of how you can help your site rank whilst leaving the technical details to your SEO expert.


1. Keep information fresh, current and relevant

At the core of all good SEO strategies is keeping a website focussed on its core purpose because, at the end of the day, Google’s said mission is to deliver the most relevant and most useful websites to their users. Search Engines are user-centric, in other words. So, whilst a lot of things like website design, coding, site structure and a myriad of other things come under the role of your SEO guru, you can help out loads just by making sure that you update information on the site, and put up relevant (i.e. related to your field) content across the web pages.


2. Content, for now, remains king

This ties in a little with point one, but is important to highlight. Content is one of the biggest weapons in your SEO armoury, so anything you have control of – such as a blog page – on your site must be kept consistent, well thought-out and use keywords and phrases relevant to your business. Your SE optimiser can help you along the way.


3. Online Engagement

You may have heard that ‘links’ are an important part of SEO – which is true – but a full link-building strategy may be best reserved for the agency or individual you’re working on optimisation with. However, online engagement may fall under your purview – whether this is social media, article contributions or whatever else. Being active online, via your website, will help build a presence that search engines can recognise and may help your site become an influencing body in the field.

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