woman working on mobile and laptop SEO

Harnessing Local SEO in 2018

At Wolf we work with a lot of small businesses, and believe that a sustainable relationship is built on us helping our clients understand what we’re doing and - if they prefer - taking it…
Dave Relfe
12th December 2017
agency team doing keyword research SEO

Competitor Keyword Research

One question we get asked a lot by customers is, as part of our competitor keyword analysis for search engine optimisation, what words are we focusing on and which ones are we leaving out? It’s…
Dave Relfe
9th December 2017
web dense content review SEO

How to Make Your Content Dense

If you read our recent guide to SEO in 2017, you’ll have seen that one thing search engines will be looking at for ranking parameters in the near future is content density. This post, however,…
Dave Relfe
20th July 2017
woman working on laptop SEO

What to Look for in SEO 2017

We’re always telling clients that SEO doesn’t stand still. The very definition – optimising your website for search engines – means that it is an industry in which you need to move with the flow…
Dave Relfe
5th January 2017
Brian Solis conversation prism MarketingSEO

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is now more important that it has ever been, and its importance continues to grow. It is about far more than producing and publishing content; it only shows it true value when that…
Dave Relfe
6th September 2015

Link Strategies Post-Mobilegeddon

Recently we've discussed Google’s latest update and how this might affect the way we write for websites. It’s not just content however that will be affected by this change in attitude from the Search Engine…
Dave Relfe
30th April 2015