Microsoft Hololens Technology

Microsoft HoloLens – What is it?

Microsoft seems a company that, whilst ever-present, is never quite at the forefront of computer software in the retail community’s vision. Despite powering businesses across the globe, perhaps their marketing department has failed them a…
Dave Relfe
18th November 2016
TechnologyWebsite Design

CMS Series: What is CMS?

Knowing of and understanding Content Management Systems, known as CMSs, is crucial to anyone responsible for their company's online offering. This has become the case following years of complicated website coding that saw a push…
Dave Relfe
11th August 2015

More UK Adults Spend Longer on Mobiles

In the digital world, we often speak in terms of mobile: responsive websites, mobile reach, apps and marketing therein, along with countless other spheres that are only just becoming available (think wearables like Watch). The…
Dave Relfe
10th May 2015
Tim Cook presenting Apple Watch Technology

Should You Buy The Apple Watch?

As with all Apple products, there has been endless debate surrounding the release of Watch – the giant’s latest ‘necessity’. In the six or so months before going on sale, this involved guesses, many of…
Dave Relfe
9th May 2015
the internet of things Technology

The Internet of Things

For the past twelve months or so, you may have been hearing more and more about the Internet of Things (IoT). There’s a lot of information, opinions and ideas out there about this phenomenon –…
Dave Relfe
5th May 2015