At Wolf, we’re Search Engine Optimisation and Digital Marketing specialists, but we believe in holistic marketing strategies. This means your overall Brand – particularly as Google sees you – is a critical part of the work we’ll do.

Google search results for Wolf digital marketing agency brand in Sussex
Google search results for Wolf digital marketing agency in Sussex

Run a search for a certain type of product on Google – what do you see on the page? Big name brands.

Branding is absolutely critical when it comes to SEO. So the first step in our Optimisation strategy is ensuring your company’s brand is up to scratch – is your ‘Google personality’ correctly representing your business? And how is your current digital presence enhancing that?


Building your brand identity is the second-most important thing behind your product quality – and that passes over to your digital life.

The essence behind a customer not only using your services or buying your products is not just the quality of what you offer, but what they see in your brand. So consistency is key: all communications in the online world should be spreading the same message; all connections will target your key audience; the same message is delivered every step of every path. And all of this is what comes about following the execution of a successful branding strategy.


Why do we keep going on about the brand? Because it’s an important thing that too many agencies leave out!

It’s no good optimising your website and throwing a few backlinks out there, if there is not a constant theme amongst them that ties in with your online (and offline!) brand identity. At Wolf, we take this seriously, and it’s why we list Branding as a service despite being a professional SEO & Digital Marketing agency.

Are you worried about your brand affecting your Search Engine Optimisation performance? Got any questions? contact Wolf

Whether you’re a local cafe, tradesman, small business or established enterprise – Wolf has been around the trap and we can build your brand into what it deserves to be.