Content Marketing has been the so-called ‘buzzword’ in the digital agency land for the past four or five years.

But there’s a reason it hasn’t left and been seen as a fad: because it works.


content marketer writing article using a MacBook


Content Marketing is the use of real, engaging content such as articles and website text to connect your audience’s thirst for information with their search for an industry authority.

If that’s not you, it’s your competitor.

We can construct a clear, effective content strategy for your business that will lead people down a funnel straight to your service or product. This covers everything from web content – like you’re reading right now – through to native advertising on external sites and ongoing blog posts in your very own content marketing portal.


It’s not as simple as putting together a couple of random keywords and hoping for the best.

Content Marketing is dependent on a few different elements working in harmony: strategy – consistent, relevant information, quality – realistic and informative (or at least engaging) content, and targeting – getting it seen by the right people. We can help with all of that.


Wolf is perfectly placed to lead your content marketing strategy, because we’ve been there and done that, and been doing it for years!

A lot of people in the past viewed content as something that should just be thrown together and put into the Internet sphere, but it has become a science built on a foundation of critical analytics and user data.

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