Creative Design is a beautiful, unavoidable and challenging art form – and here at Wolf, we’re kind of aficionados.

From web design, branding, logos and print marketing materials to anything else you can think of – we can design it. We work with our clients to understand exactly what their target audience will want, and how best to drive them along that path.

Creative design is about more than an attractive look. It involves an insight into the mind of the consumer, and a balance between the feel of a piece and its purpose. We’re proud of the results our clients have enjoyed, and we want to see you achieve the same things with your business.


The Internet has provided us with a flood of information, and the design of websites and print marketing material is now as important as content and placement.

It is said we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but that sentiment is so incompatible with the world we live in that creative design has become a staple in how we do business.

Creative design is fun, inventive, and a cruel critic unto itself.
You need to get it right – which is where we come in!


At Wolf , we’re Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing specialists, but we believe in holistic marketing strategies. This means your overall Brand – particularly as Google sees you – is a critical part of the work we’ll do.

Logo Design

We love designing logos

They’re important, they’re unique, and they require creativity, thought and skill.

Print Design

Print remains at the forefront of all integrated marketing campaigns. Websites are important, but then, we all know that!

Hardcopy advertising is not the dying breed some would have you believe, and we ensure this cornerstone of brand communication is given the care and quality it requires.