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Like Search Engine Optimisation, of which paid ad campaigns form a part, a PPC Google Ads strategy is not to be taken lightly.

A lot of businesses have suffered the effects of a poorly thought-out, or even unplanned, Google Ads approach, and have seen money go down the drain.


Google Ads – Paying for every click

Pay Per Click (PPC) can be a fickle beast, and if not handled correctly can result in damaging consequences. This is not to scare you off what can, on the flipside, be an extremely rewarding service, but it is intended as a warning and an offer of assistance.

There is a lot more to do than simply choosing a keyword and setting a budget. Research must be done into the performance of certain phrases, how these interact with similar terms (think semantics) and how you can best make the most of this.

Along with industry experience, having the right tools at your disposal makes a massive difference, and luckily for everyone involved, Wolf has those research tools that can add up to an expense that most businesses can’t afford on top of their own industry expenses.

It’s also critical to use your site’s analytics correctly, using historical evidence of high-converting and low-converting terms to avoid spending money on pointless avenues.
A good way to view it is as a pyramid, whereby you can intersect highly searched terms with high-performing terms. To do this, you need the know-how, and a little money spent on professional help can go a long way to both saving money, and making money.


Don’t risk your capital – Now is an important time

You can either launch into the unknown and risk doing it wrong, or you can contact us for a chat to see how we can help progress your online presence through accurate, strategised use of Google’s powerful Ads platform..

So if you have questions about how we’d go about it, or you just want to hand it over and let us get the job done, get in touch and contact Wolf


You wouldn’t get a builder to fix your car. Should you leave digital marketing & search optimisation of your business to anyone other than Wolf?