In amongst the broad stretch of items in your SEO to-do list, social media marketing may not have sat near the top.

However, it’s a critical part of building your online presence, and we want to help you make it a functioning success story.

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Don’t be fooled by the focus on locality in this part of search engine optimisation – fundamental rules still apply, which is why you need professional help on this.

Facebook alone has tens of millions of users in the UK – and over 1 billion worldwide! – so can you afford to not be active in that market? Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are a few of the other key platforms, and used wisely with a clear plan, we can help you make social media a key part of your client recruitment and retention.

The funny thing about internet marketing is that no matter how much things change, and how technology develops, we are still working within the natural bounds of the human psyche.

That gives us an immediate advantage – take Facebook Advertising as an example.

Facebook advertising agency

Integrating the old

Offline Marketing depends greatly on appealing to the right audience with the right effects. Likewise, there are certain rules we can apply to a Facebook Advertising campaign that can drive leads who may not even know they’re looking for your services.

  • Hit your audience in a casual setting
  • Target the people you need
  • Deliver your message before they even know who you are
  • Convey a side to your company not traditionally seen


Knowing what you’re doing

The next important step in designing a successful website is focusing on conversion rates. How can you make the aspects you’ve worked on above – like lowering the bounce rate – work for you when it comes to driving visitors down that purchase funnel?

We enjoy surprising our clients with our hard-earned experience on this one (we can’t give everything away!), but there are many ways to influence that critical point in time where your potential clients become actual clients.


Applying multiple trigger points

At the end of the day, successful businesses operate off relationships they build with satisfied customers who come back for more. The great thing is that the process of moving one-time customers into the loyalty bracket can begin right here on the web.

Through the clever use of brand signals and content production, along with the integration of useful UX sections, a customer may know that they’ll be back before they even make a purchase or get in touch.

Social Media Marketing isn’t about writing a post and handing over your money. It’s about research, strategy and execution.
Let Wolf handle it.