We design, build & optimise websites for businesses in Brighton.

Web Design has never been more important to your business than it is right now. You need a website which ranks in Google and converts visitors into leads and sales.

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A lot more goes into designing a successful website than choosing a WordPress theme and setting your brand’s colours. At Wolf, we believe in the science behind the art. We’re equipped not only with the knowledge and tools to analyse exactly what is needed, but with the passion for the subject that drives real innovation in a field. It may not be something you’ll come across day to day but, for us, eye-maps of what users look at on a given web page are par for the course when it comes to researching what will deliver your business the most new and return customers.


No user is going to come back to your website if they can’t find what they’re looking for on the first attempt.

Building relationships with leads is one of the most critical aspects of web design in the business world. At Wolf, we’re experts in finding ways to bind aesthetic appeal with real conversion rates when it comes to user retention data like bounce rates and repeat visits. We believe that science and art really can go hand in hand, and you can be with us every step of the way ensuring that our experienced designers deliver a website that both earns you new business, as well as fits in with your personal brand.


Let us handle your web design, so you can handle your business.

You’ve read above just a few of the things that go into designing an effective website in 2018 and beyond. But there’s a raft of things to think about, like Search Engine Optimisation, Mobile compatibility, User Experience effects, website security and proper coding. That’s not even thinking about the aesthetics!

So if you have questions about how we’d go about it, or you just want to hand it over and let us get the job done, contact Wolf!