Building a new website is an exciting, bold new chapter for many small to medium businesses.

But once the important work of design and build is out of the way, there is a whole world of upkeep, management and support that you’ll need.

At Wolf, we like to focus on the personal side of relationships, and avoid things like Customer Support Calls and Support Tickets, where you’re responsible for keeping everything on track.

From the build through to the continuation of our work together, you’ll be in touch with the same people at Wolf that will offer you as much or as little help as you need.

Wolf website support in Brighton

Content Management Systems

Sitting behind your fresh new site is a CMS that – for those unfamiliar with them – can be daunting and messy. We’re happy to sit down and run you through how it works and let you manage it, or we can keep systems updated to current software and keep it ticking along for you while you focus on your product/service.


Changing times

On top of the foundation the site sits on, there are constantly ways you can improve the performance of your online presence, be that through updating your CTAs, or improving the design with minor tweaks to align with industry practice.

We’ll be with you for the journey, making sure your website doesn’t stop being effective just because it’s a year old!


Different needs for different people

As with all our services at Wolf, we’re flexible. We know that our clients have different levels demand for our help, and we’re constantly available to catch up and look over how we can be of most assistance.

Some of our clients like to be trained in what we do, before setting off on their own and calling us when need be. Others are busy running their company, and use our dedicated team of professionals to keep things running not just smoothly, but optimally, online.

If you have questions about how our Website Support service can help your business stay on top online, send us an email here.