website design in 2019 showing a laptop on a desk displaying code

What Has and Hasn’t Changed in Website Design halfway through 2019?

So we’re halfway through 2019. What? Seriously, we’re halfway through. We’re in June, soon it’s July, and then it’s Christmas. We’re all another year older, Pantone has released another Colour of the Year, and we get to do it all again in 2020. But before that happens, it’s worth looking at where we find ourselves in the world of website design in 2019!

web designer's two screen setup

How To Design A Website

We all know website design is important. Getting your website right – the feel, the effect, the performance – is a critical part of running a successful business both online and on the street. But with all the changes that …

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CMS Series: What is CMS?

Knowing of and understanding Content Management Systems, known as CMSs, is crucial to anyone responsible for their company’s online offering. This has become the case following years of complicated website coding that saw a push for an easy way of …

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