BD Groundworks are contractors who set up a site in preparation for construction (think the building site of a home) and then make sure all the ‘t’s are crossed and ‘i’s are dotted once it’s done. They needed a fresh brand to connect with their audience, and asked us to help with the logo and website.

website design for BD Groundworks a building company using WordPress and the brand colours green and black

Web Design

In flooded fields like construction services, it’s important not to be too adventurous with the website. Graphical displays that make it hard to find what you’re after isn’t what the target audience wants.

To this end, we kept BD’s website easy to navigate with contact details easily visible at the top, We then incorporated imagery throughout, as the outcome of their work is the selling point, and they have some great case studies to display.


Logo Design

Logo Design is never easy, but when confronted with two initials not connected to the product it can be particularly tough to find a symbolic place to start. Combining this with an appropriate website meant this was a project that required a lot of objective thinking and constructive brainstorming.

green & black logo design for BD Groundworks
BD Groundworks black & green logo design


BD Groundworks didn’t just want a simple ‘nice font’ title for their logo – they wanted something that they could relate to in terms of their services, but also that made them stand out and connected their identity with their offerings for new audiences.

To do this, we decided it was critical to focus attention on what they actually do: provide a steady foundation on which to build from. Interlinking their initials and using ‘groundworks’ as the firm footing made this possible.

black & green Business cards design for BD Groundworks