The field of beauty services is a fiercely competitive and personal industry – often, it will be first impressions that are make or break for these businesses, and many of their clients are referrals from other customers. Some in the area may think that means a website is not as important – but we think otherwise, and The Beauty Boutique agreed.

web design for the Beauty Boutique in Sussex

Web Design

BB needed a full service from us – Web Design, Logo Design, Print Design and helping them get set up with Google G Suite. Here’s how we did it.

Being in a field so dedicated to aesthetics and appearance, it was important not to build a website that comes across as cluttered, unflattering or unappealing.

Images are – as with many sites – an important part of this, so we designed a site that kept users engaged through a flow-feel with prominent photos.

Logo Design for Beauty Boutique in Sussex

Logo Design

As with a lot of companies we work with, BB felt it important to recognise their name in their brand – often a part of being a small business with a community clientele.

As such, the logo we designed for them is intended to incorporate the Beauty Boutique title (BB) with a sense of an entry opening outwards, inviting users in.

beauty salon loyalty card design for Beauty Boutique in Sussex

Print Design

Perhaps a lesser-known part of our work, but just as important to the success of a small business, is the print side of things. BB had us design their print work, which includes leaflets, brochures, business cards and the like, to make sure that their brand was consistent across hard and soft copy marketing materials.


Google G Suite

Whilst this side of things is becoming more widely recognised, Google G Suite can be a tricky maze to find your way through if you’re not used to it. But once set up, it can be a powerful tool in your business’ arsenal. BB wanted us to help them with this, which we were more than happy to do considering Wolf are a Google Cloud Partner!