Bi Fold Doors are becoming a rampant sell in all things home renovation, be they part of a lounge extension, open-plan kitchen design, or any other sort of home build or improvement. Because of this, it’s a flooded market out there, and Bi Fold Doors UK needed to grab the attention of their leads quick – and keep them coming back.

Bi Fold Doors UK website design

Web Design

Bi Fold Doors UK gave us the chance to design a modern, flashy website based on gorgeous imagery because, well, their product is gorgeous. It needed to convey both their expertise in the field as well as showcase their work.



We helped them with branding as well, which meant tying that beauty of product in to clarity of brand. And they’re seeing the results already.

One of the more enjoyable parts of our work is when we find a way to grasp what’s good in a product, and make that part of the brand. Bi Fold Doors UK have had great feedback on their logo and branding, so it’s something we take pride in getting right.


Bi-Fold Doors UK blue and white logo design


business card design for Bi Fold Doors UK

leaflet design for BI Fold Doors UK