Schools are not just somewhere to drop kids off (although they’re great for that as well!). They play a broader role in modern society, including education, social-inclusion and a place for children to develop in safe surrounds. As such, a school’s branding needs to include this ethos as it reaches out to the wider community. That was our role with Bishops Down Primary.



Approaching this project, it was clear that a new logo was the first step in a big journey. Their old design was misled and didn’t reflect the school’s values, so fittingly Bishops Down wanted one that represented what they were all about.

After extensive consultation with everyone involved, we found a way to work it all together. The design you see below signifies Unity, Equality and Working Together, and staff at the school are enjoying the opportunity for students and parents alike to embrace the school’s culture that now has a pictorial representation.

Bishops Down Primary School logo design

Logo Design

Along with a fresh, relevant brand comes confidence that’s important to play the role schools need to play. On top of that, prospective students get to witness a group of people willing to make changes when necessary, and embrace progress.

Headteacher Clare Owen had this to say:


“Wolf designed our new school logo and they have been a pleasure to work with. They took the time to visit the school, looked carefully at our requirements such as letter headings, website and uniform, and spent time with us discussing what we wanted the logo to represent. All design options produced were high quality and represented the school in different ways.”

“After consultations with staff, and dialogue between the designers and ourselves, we now have a new logo to be proud of. I would recommend Wolf”