Bowie’s Barber Shop is a local hairdresser looking to make a splash in the beauty scene of Sussex. To do this, there needs to be more than just a good brick and mortar side of the business – you need a brand and a telling digital strategy. Bowie approached Wolf to achieve all of that under one umbrella.

Bowie's Barber Shop website design

For Bowie, we set out to design a look for both online and print that would seamlessly join forces to push home a fresh and upcoming brand. Some new companies get lost in the idea of extensive branding and messy design. With Bowie’s Barber Shop, we knew a clean, informative approach would get the most out of the effort put in to branding.


Web Design

Web design is a side of our industry that is sometimes over-complicated, but with Bowie’s Barber Shop being a local business looking to make immediate impact, it was important to stress the primary objectives of the project: aesthetic appeal, ease of navigation, access to information and display of product. Therefore, we polished the website into a simple, boxed layout with clear imagery and easy navigation. The result is an eye-pleasing example of what Bowie’s customers can expect when they get offline and walk into the store.

Bowie's Barber Shop black & white business cards

Print Design

The print side of things involved many of the traditional items to tick off – eye catching, covers important information, links brand to the online persona. We created business cards, flyers and printing materials for Bowie’s that pushes the business out to the offline world in dramatic effect.


Search Engine Optimisation

A final piece to the Bowie puzzle was SEO – getting the website to the top of the search. With Google’s continuing algorithm changes and aims to make local searches as pin point as possible, this is a technical task but something that we’re continuing to work with Bowie’s Barber Shop on. SEO is a journey, not a sprint!


Bowie's Barber Shop East Sussex
Bowie’s Barber Shop