Cleverly Crafted is a British company offering bespoke items handmade by the finest craftsmen with the finest wood – and they needed their audience to know it. Here’s what we did for them.

website design for Cleverly Crafted a eCommerce website selling bread knives on Shopify

Web Design

This is one of our favourite parts – pulling together everything the company has shared around what they’re proud of, why their clients come back, and what messages they want to send out with up-to-date research on website trends and user experience theories.

For Cleverly Crafted, we built a website focused on displaying their products, pointing out the central theme of their work, with a subtle story about the company blended into the background.


Logo Design

When a company’s pride is its high-level product, into which countless hours of dedication to perfection have been poured, it’s important that the logo is one that demonstrates beauty with precision. Joining these ideas with what is their base material – wood – resulted in a logo that boasts aesthetic pleasure with symbolism and intricate detailing. Just like Cleverly Crafted’s products.

logo design for Cleverly Crafted
black and white business cards design for Cleverly Crafted


As well as requiring an online presence, the guys at Cleverly Crafted wanted to boost their physical marketing abilities – something that is sometimes overlooked in this world abuzz with the digital age. To this end, we helped put together print materials that they are proud to give to potential customers and that help drive home the messaging sent out online.


Google G Suite

The set up of Google G Suite for Business can be confusing for the most experienced of us, so we were happy to help the Cleverly Crafted team get all of it organised and off the ground. Despite it being confusing at first, the G Suite system is one that is extremely beneficial to businesses, which is why we’re proud to be an official partner and able to help you integrate it into your workplace. Just like we did for these guys.

eCommerce web design for Cleverly Crafted using Shopify
flyer design for Cleverly Crafted
Cleverly Crafted Responsive mobile website on a iPhone