We work with a lot of trades businesses, from plumbers to carpenters right through to electricians – enter Complete Wiring Solutions. As we’ve said to many before them, the trade industry is changing in that customers may have been happy in the past simply phoning the first electrician in the phone book, but in today’s world of Google, Customer Reviews and the like, no one can hide. And equally, each business has the ability to set themselves apart. Here’s how we helped Complete Wiring Solutions do that.


website design for Complete Wiring Solutions electricians


Web Design

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of setting yourself apart from the competition in today’s world is that of website design, which is a continually changing, growing and ever-more-complicated field. But for a service industry like electricians, the way a site is laid out could be the difference between being contacted by a lead, or having them simply leave your website confused.

We focused on making the site not only easy to navigate, through a bold and prominent menu on the side, but through keeping that menu simple. This is, after all, a field that most people feel uncomfortable in (how many of us could rewire our home?!) so we wanted to make it easy from the outset for people to find what they were looking for. In keeping the page stable between menu options, we’ve helped increase user retention and drop bound rates.


Complete Wiring Solutions electricians responsive mobile website on an iPhone


As with most of our clients, Complete Wiring Solutions requested help with the Search Engine Optimisation side of things. As always, this is a work in progress and a project that never really stops. We’re working with CWS on what they can do their end to improve Google rankings. After all, we don’t expect our customers to depend on use for ever!


Google Ads

Perhaps less-well-known than traditional SEO, Ads is the Google paid advertising system, and it can be a messy beast if you don’t know what you’re doing. But electricians face a highly competitive industry, so advertising on search engines is almost a must.

We’ve put together an intelligent, data-backed Google Ads campaign program for CWS to help them get above the competition, without draining their marketing budget.