There are a lot of job sites out there. The problem with that is, they’re not focussed. It’s like a handyman doing your tiling, wiring and plumbing. He might get the job done, but it isn’t tailored and it isn’t perfect. addressed the deficit of tailor marketing job search platforms by focussing purely on Digital Marketing Jobs in the UK. After all, if you work in a boutique field, why use an average jobseeker website?

job board recruitment website design for Digital Marketing Jobs on a MacBook



The feedback DMJ received from a lot of their pre-launch market research was that job seekers are tired of having to search endless lists of clunky filtered pages to find the role they dream of. We took that feedback to deliver a fresh, tile-heavy website design that focuses a digitally-minded audience on a mobile-styled set up.



Logos say a lot about you, but they also help attract the people you’re looking for. DMJ needed a logo designed that purveys slick, controlled professional life – after all, what is a job seeker looking to crack the digital media scene hoping for? Styled block text on a businessman’s briefcase? Sign me up!



Our search optimisation campaign with DMJ is, like many of our SEO roles, ongoing. As ever, it’s a journey not a sprint. So we’re working on getting their name in front of a niche market – we don’t just want job seekers, we want digital marketers looking for a change, or marketing graduates ready for that next step.



Alongside traditional SEO, PPC is becoming more important – particularly in light of Google’s recent Ad set up changes. But PPC is not a standalone task – our paid campaigns are tied in with SEO work for DMJ, and they’re seeing solid results for so early on.



One thing that all digital marketing crowds have in common is a love of the web. That means they spend time search and surfing, and that, in itself, means that content is critical. This leads us to…


Content marketing

Because without the marketing aspect, what really is content? So we’re working with DMJ to deliver ongoing, high-quality and useful content and then tying that in with an integrated marketing campaign to get the content in front of the right people.


website design mockup of Digital Marketing Jobs board on a iMac