Established in 1983, Evans Heating is a fully qualified, highly skilled local company servicing the heating and plumbing needs of households around the wider Sussex area. They approached Wolf needing a complete rebrand, having seen a desire amongst their customers for a more streamlined, modern look to their online presence, and understanding the opportunities that presents for expanding into new areas.

website design for Evans Heating Company in Sussex


How we went about it

As a locally-owned and operated business of high repute, it was critical now to ‘over-dramatise’ Evans Heating’s marketing; their trust and customer service, along with quality of work, is what sets them apart. So whilst they needed new branding to move them forward in a rapidly evolving online scene, they needed to retain the simplicity of message that has served them well for decades. Because of this, we focused on a logo to emphasise their work, and a clean layout across mediums to bring professional consistency with easily-identifiable format.


white, blue & orange logo design for Evans Heating with hidden E which looks like a heater flames



What is a logo if not a cover off which a company may be judged? Evans Heating knows what they’re good at – and they want passer-bys to know, too. We tied in their name with their purpose, and aimed to create a sense of warmth that subconsciously relates their brand with a feeling of comfort – just as they’re heating does!


Web Design

As well as a logo that oozes warmth and brand identity, Evans Heating needed a new website that did not clutter users’ screens with unnecessary imagery or text, but rather plainly and easily gave them the information they wanted across any device. The client was not seeking a maze of graphics, but rather somewhere for repeat clients and leads to come, confirm what they needed, and get in touch. We utilised handwritten style references to bond with the user as a local business, and tied in the local aspect across the site’s pages. They pride themselves on being hassle-free, so their website needed to reflect that.


Print Design

It’s critical nowadays to blend print with online branding, and keep it consistent. When you’re a local business, print is almost (not quite, but close to) as important as your online presence, with figures still pointing to the impact that handheld marketing mediums can have on leads. We paired Evans Heating print design with their new online brand, keeping it simple and recognisable and – importantly – easy for the company themselves to run forwards with.


Local SEO | Web Hosting | G-Suite

As well as branding and design, Wolf offers an all-in suite of services that includes setting your website up on an appropriate host and kitting it out with relevant SEO work – in this case, Local SEO was critical. On top of this, we can set up your business with the all-important G-Suite of platforms (think Gmail for business) as a certified Google reseller. Evans Heating requested all the above, and we delivered to help them get up and running without a glitch and begin to rank for keywords in Sussex.