Extend A Space delivers stunning extensions to properties in and around London, optimising natural space, property value and owner ambition. It is a customised approach to home development, where the team will meet with potential clients at their home and discuss what they’re after, how the team can help, and next steps. As such, their website and marketing strategy needed to reflect this approach – and we aimed to do that through design.


website design for Extend a Space building company


Website Design

Because Extend a Space works in an aesthetic-based industry, visual appeal is critical. But so too was user experience when it came to use of the website. The team behind the company is all about making it easy for their clients to know what they can do for them, so the website is built on these principles: ease of information, visual appeal and minimalism.


Logo Design

We never hide the fact that here at Wolf logo design is a pet project for us. Logos defy the saying, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, because so often first impressions are the difference between locking in a client or not. Extend a Space needed a logo that immediately informed leads of what they do, but also suggested a maximisation of the service. The logo we delivered has received positive feedback from both the company and their clients, emboldening the team to express themselves with confidence in optimisation of extensions.


Digital Marketing

As with all our work, we – to varying degrees – help set up clients with the ability to both manage their marketing space and lean on us and much or as little as they’d like. With Extend a Space, this was no different. We set them up with Google Analytics, Google Ads and a paid advertising campaign. We’re working with them continuously on the SEO front to get them further up in Google rankings for what is an incredibly tough field to crack.

Extend a Space house extension in London