G & H Builders are a respected traditional building and maintenance contractor based in Tunbridge Wells, and have been helping clients achieve their dream home for decades. A few years ago, they asked us to design a website to reach out to customers in what was back then a rapidly growing Internet era. We built a site that, we’re proud to say, has stood the test of time.

G and H builders website design on a MacBook

Web Design

To coincide with the logo design, G & H Builders needed a website. At this point, the Internet was undergoing a sweeping change – from favouring coders and web developers to having a real focus on you guys – the users. That meant that we needed to try to foresee design trends that were coming (and are now upon us!) and we did that to a T.

That’s why you can see the G & H Builders’ brand come through in sharp imagery, clear content and easy-to-navigate layouts. It might not seem the most incredible, surprising website you’ve seen this year, but back when we built it – as it is still is – it became a testament to the foresight our designers have up their sleeves.


Web Hosting & Management

Whilst the hosting of a website can be a simple thing for those working in the industry, it can be a daunting prospect for those not au fait with the offerings or details. As is the way we like to work across all jobs, we look after our clients whatever the scope, and for G & H Builders specifically this meant handling everything from the ground up – hosting, web design, web development – just like they do on their construction sites!


Google G Suite

Much like with the ‘hosting’ needs, Google Apps can be a confronting idea if you don’t know where to start. Wolf is an official, certified Google Cloud partner, meaning we can handle all your business development needs online. For G & H Builders, this meant revisiting their project more recently and sorting out their Google Apps set up. This helps their business more effectively manage their online presence, and continue to grow.

logo design for G and H Builders


Branding & Logo Design

As we’ve said often before, logo design is about more than just a fancy font or a simple image. A lot of thought goes in to an effect logo that achieves the aims of company and designer alike, as well as appeals to new and existing clients. There must be a level of symbolism within the design, whilst staying true to the brand. G & H Builders’ logo is a good representation of this ideal.

They wanted to build upon their already established brand’s name, whilst using it to appropriately represent the industry. As such, the founding letters become big, sturdy focus points whilst the overall look remains framed, square and solid. Feedback has only been positive.