HushCush is breaking ground in how new mums care for their newborns during the breastfeeding period. Their innovative design, the Nursing Pillow, is bringing a new field to light, and they needed help in getting their brand noticed.

HushCush eCommerce website design

Web Design

A great place to start for brands venturing into the marketplace is online – a website can tell a thousand words both visually and, indeed, with those words, and they wanted something crisp and clean to focus attention on the HushCush product.

The HushCush site is both brand info and Shopify e-commerce, meaning it needs to deliver obvious messaging whilst still selling pillows. Unlike some sites, HushCush is not a store that most browsers will immediately know the product of, so the home page can’t just launch into purchasing choices.

To combat this pull between brand and sell, we layered the page and focused on the visual element. As such, the user is guided through a visual explanation of the product, some examples of available purchases, and then social connections (Instagram feed) to reinforce the brand.


Digital Marketing

As well as setting up the site and working with the team for print designs, we’re helping them with digital marketing – a field with many branches. During the building of the HushCush website, we incorporated SEO, Search Engine Optimisation best-practices – a must for all online businesses – but it hasn’t stopped there. We’re also managing Google Ads and Shopping campaigns, as well as Facebook Advertising. All of these are powerful tools, so long as you know what you’re doing!

woman viewing the HushCush Shopify responsive web design on a iPad
HushCush business cards


HushCush took part in a brick-and-mortar event featuring hundreds of baby-care businesses, and they needed appropriate print materials to make their set up stand out. We designed and printed all of these.


Copywriting / Content Marketing

On top of a site, it’s important that this young company focuses on attracting new customers, and in today’s game that means content. In this vein, we’ve kick-started a blog for them and will be looking at working further with the team on a journey that is just beginning.

HushCush portable nursing pillow
HushCush roller banner design