London Nail Co. (LNC) is dedicated to becoming a national leader in nail care and beauty. They put a lot of effort into product research and development as well as education and customer support. Being a local business, LNC needed to emphasise their place in the community, their respect amongst clients, and their approachability. Their brand needed to address all these focus points whilst remaining simple.

London Nail Company website design on a MacBook

Web Design

LNC approached us to handle both branding, web design & print design and this relationship has evolved to work on their content marketing. Here’s how we did it.

The design and building of the LNC website was a major part of the branding experience. Here, we began the merging of the brand philosophy of moving with the times with an online strategy that demonstrated reliability from a local source.

The gallery online, therefore, incorporates Instagram photos from the account set up for the employees to upload a constant stream of demonstrative images for followers to see and share. The site includes rotating reviews from happy customers to present a human face with satisfied results.

SEO best practices were, of course, incorporated in the build, which has seen number one rankings for LNC across target key words in the area.

white & green logo design on dark background for London Nail Company


When they approached us, LNC didn’t have a website and their marketing consisted of an occasional Facebook post. This project was more than just a web build, however: it involved rebranding, audience targeting, making sure that we knew what we wanted to achieve and how we wanted to achieve it. All of this is critical knowledge for a local web design, as well as considering the owners wanted to establish LNC as the most recognisable beauty brand in the area.

To start with, a change in brand colours was necessary to brighten the logo and give it a more dynamic, fresh and modern feel – here was born the green ‘.company’ in the name – a simple but effective change, to match the new domain name: LondonNail.Company. After this the in-depth work began, incorporating brand feel and subtlety into designs and content, and a large chunk of this came to life with the website.

flyer design for London Nail Company
London Nail Company black and green loyalty cards

Content Marketing

LNC are now at the start of their content marketing journey, and we’re looking forward to working with them on producing a blog that attracts, converts and retains leads and clients.

London Nail Company branding