Nature’s Protein is a UK-based e-commerce site for protein supplements and other healthy-living options. They approached us to go with them from ground-up: logo, brand, website and search engine optimisation.

Nature's Protein branding Vega protein advert design

Web Design

With an e-commerce website design site of this nature, the emphasis was always going to be on a simple, fluid design focusing on the products. Information and background on both product and company is important, but it’s not the main aim.

The home page reflects this: imagery and sale. Lower pages are available for information and a blog, but we didn’t want to bog down consumers with text first up.

logo design for Nature's Protein
Natures Protein website design for e-commerce


Nature’s Protein aims to reflect natural health through their products, and we incorporated this into the design. We know that on a base level humanity associates green with organic – it’s something that’s been drilled into us through countless campaigns. Add to this the summery blend of orange, yellow and white and you can see why the light and airy feeling of the brand fits well with the product.


SEO & Digital Marketing

Another aspect of our work with Nature’s Protein is Search Engine Optimisation. This has always been a journey rather than a sprint, and it’s something we’ll be working with them on going forward. Getting to the top of Google search results is not only hard work – it’s exciting and, when you achieve it, extremely rewarding.

website banner design for Vega Sport and Nature's Protein
website banner design for Vega smoothies and Nature's Protein