No. 9 is a classic smokehouse serving famous ribs and burgers, as well as operating an in-house bar. They needed a website to direct people to their place, and show them what’s on offer, but in particular need was the design and printing of flyers, menus and cards.

Here’s how it all worked.

Web Design for No.9 Smokehouse & Bar
No.9 Smokehouse web design

Web Design

Sometimes we work with agencies or small businesses that want to capture the attention of bored Internet users who expect to be wowed. But occasionally we get to – equally enjoyably – find ways to emphasise the positives of a business through simple, non-fuss design. Such was the case with No. 9 Smokehouse.

Their website isn’t their business – their food is. As such, with some clever design elements like bottle-cap icons and rusty screw pin-ups in the gallery, we conveyed the charm that no.9 holds, whilst getting across their product through some simple design links.

restaurant menu design for a smokehouse

Design & Print

But like we said, the major job consisted of print design and, well, the actual printing. A key part of this was the menu – a necessity for all smokehouses! To this end, we focused on elegant designs to complement the ambient feel of No. 9 – people don’t just go to this smokehouse for the food. The atmosphere represents what customers look for in this industry. As such, printed items like menus need to reflect this. Not too chaotic – just enjoyable.

No9 restaurant flyer design
No.9 Smokehouse loyalty card design


One aspect of design for printed items that’s often overlooked is the necessity of tying in, and driving home, the brand, and this means that incorporated in ideas must be the impression people get from websites that they’re going to be directed to from the printed materials. The flyers we designed for No. 9 Smokehouse played on this philosophy, attempting to recreate the simple, ‘smokehousey’ vibe of the website.


Business & Loyalty Cards

We also designed business and loyalty cards for No. 9, which might not seem a massive project but, when you consider the amount of impact these can have on a business’s success it’s vital they’re done right. We went with a design that, again, reflected the website branding, and we used to get a finish with a touch of class.

No.9 Smokehouse food
No.9 Smokehouse Christmas menu design