Primal Organics is bringing a new flavour to protein shakes, and approached Wolf to help kick-start their venture from the ground up.

Primal Organics whey protein creative advert design

Web Design & Development

Web design and development is something that sits close to our hearts here at Wolf

Primal Organics delivered an exciting opportunity to do something different with their website than what we saw with other protein shake companies. We used Shopify as the eCommerce CMS grounding for the Primal Organics site, which allowed more fluidity with their specific design. Check out our blog series on different CMS platforms for more information on what we could do for you.

Logo Design for Organic Whey Protein Company
Primal Organics Shopify website design


Branding work included logo design, product badges and packaging, and Marketing held focus points of AdWords and content production. We designed and developed their website as a base for this push, and helped tailor their positioning to their target audience.

The protein powder market is a crowded place, and a key to any successful business is standing out from the crowd. This meant branding needed to focus the attention to signature offerings – namely, the organic nature of the brand.

Primal Organics product packaging design
Primal Organics product packaging design

Digital Marketing

Another important aspect of the project was the Google Ads campaign. Competing with so many brands means that your design only goes so far – you need to be in front of your audience. We tailored the work to optimise the users that see our ads, which helps drive traffic to the right pages, from the right people.