Prime Aesthetics is a boutique beauty clinic based in Sevenoaks, and is another of Wolf’s valued local clients. With a team of professional and vastly-experienced beauty practitioners, they were looking for a way to communicate this to potential clients, and offer existing relationships the opportunity to understand their services further and get more information around how to book. As well as this, they were undergoing a new branding campaign, so needed from us a fresh logo and everything that comes with it!


Prime Aesthetics clinic website design


Web Design

One of the issues Prime Aesthetics has experienced with previous marketing and web campaigns was a lack of clarity around services they offered. Particularly for new clients, it can be challenging to know exactly what’s on offer in a fully-serviced beauty clinic. So the most important thing for our client was – along with crisp imagery and easy user flow – an accessible menu that didn’t clutter the page but still offered easy access to every treatment they provide. This, in a way, is a good example of our Information Architecture approach. Instead of weighing users down with pages upon pages of extra links, everything is accessible, easily, from the home page. They’ve already seen a drop in queries around what they offer.

logo design for Prime Aesthetics clinic in Sevenoaks Kent

Logo Design

The Prime Aesthetics logo is a great example of simplicity getting a message across. There’s no point advertising an eye for aesthetics and attention to detail with a convoluted branding. So through a tip of the hat to materials, spots and cleanliness, we delivered a logo that draws attention to the name.



Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is critical in all marketing campaigns in the 21st Century, but when you’re a local business in a competitive industry it become really important to have professionals executing your strategy. We’re working with Prime Aesthetics across a number of target audiences and key search phrases to make sure they’re best placed to connect with the community the need to.

Prime Aesthetics clinic mobile website


Social Media Marketing

As well as SEO and PPC, Social Media Marketing is become ever more important. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have transformed themselves from a community of young people to a marketplace of all ages and types, and if you’re not focussing across all platforms with a clearly defined marketing strategy and budget, you’re missing out on a whole host of opportunities. This is particularly the case in Prime Aesthetics’ case, and we’re supporting their progress in this field.

flyer design for Prime Aesthetics skin clinic in Sevenoaks


It’s often interesting to us at Wolf that many clients don’t realise how important print still is in marketing. Whilst the Internet of Things, smartphones and widespread internet use and accessibility has certainly necessitated a focus on the online side of things, nothing quite compares to getting a glossy pamphlet into the hands of a passer-by. We worked with Prime Aesthetics to help them design and print their offline marketing materials.

business card design for Prime Aesthetics Skin Clinic & beauty salon
price list poster design for Prime Aesthetics skin clinic


Google G Suite

G-Suite is the software offered from Google to help streamline and keep online and safe all of a business’s work – from emails through to spreadsheets and analytics. As a qualified Google partner agency, we’re equipped to set up your business and train your staff, and in today’s world this is a more than valuable asset for a small business to hold.


inside Prime Aesthetics Clinic in Sevenoaks branding & logo designed by Wolf