Healthy living, meditation and lifestyle balance – Samadhi Internal Arts combine ancient practices with modern philosophies, and it was our job to convey that calmness through imagery.


Samadhi approached Wolf needing a visual touch added to their very internal and individual approaches.

Their idea (which we were happy to oblige) was an inclusion of a setting sun – a throw back to martial arts that are deployed in their teachings.

Samadhi watercolour style logo design with purple sea and a yellow sun

Logo Design

Water-colour designs, with images like suns or flowers, can often come across as childish and there is a definite need to balance the look with seriousness.

To ensure this, we moved away from a traditional sun over sea or land. Instead, we threw in different colouring to even out the page and add a dash of flair.

business cards design for Samadhi
business stationery design for Samadhi
Samadhi Internal Arts