The financial world has seen dramatic shifts in operations over the past few years, and a lot of this has to do with how digital is changing the landscape. Themis have a broad remit of advisory & board membership roles including holding a electronic broking platform. They pair intuitive technology with the need for fresh ways of doing business in a technological world.


Themis Advisors Financial logo design blue



As an arranger of independent platform solutions to the financial services industry – a typically conservative field – it was critical that the branding and logo design of Themis was created with professionalism and security built into the DNA.

This always makes getting aesthetics and design rules involved difficult, as they have the ability to lend any logo a casual feel.


Themis Advisors Financial logo design white on blue background


Logo Design

Combining branding and logo design, this was a role that took all our creative thinking abilities to combine a fundamental need for a solid, confidence-inspiring image with a logo containing efficient beauty.

This was a difficult logo to get right as we had to draw the goddess from scratch. Whilst that’s the same with all of our designs, this was particularly challenging, and we’re really pleased with the outcome. As is the client.


Themis Solutions London Gherkin