Think Plutus is a professional, whole of market mortgage broker in Kent, UK. They deliver the best mortgage advice possible thanks to their team of advisers having a focus across the market. Their identity sits on customer service, and they pride themselves on simple, trustworthy advice to their clients. They needed this to be demonstrated through a rebranding.

Think Plutus mortgage broker website design

How we went about it

With years of experience and high-level customer service behind them, this rebrand required a story to be told through thoughtful design, clear communication and a common vision across platforms. We talked to the team about the message they wanted to get across, and designed and built a website, structured their SEO plan, and are delivering ongoing content marketing services all on the back of a fresh new brand.

Web Design

The financial industry, whilst one of the most prominent and important fields in modern society, can tend to get bogged down in the seriousness of the work. And for good reason – their processes are tightly controlled by the FCA. But in talking to the team at Think Plutus, it became clear that their simple messaging and attractive approach was important to their clients, meaning the website needed to be fresh, modern and easy to navigate. We did this through a segmented, coordinated design that allows the user to easily identify the options in front of them, and guides them through what is often a confusing sector.


In being such an important industry, financial services has also become one of the toughest to crack when it comes to search engine optimisation. Digital marketing is often about finding the sweet spot between broad market appeal, and a clever narrowing of vision. SEO is also a journey, not a one off product, so as well as optimising the Think Plutus website we’re helping them put in place a multi-faceted SEO campaign covering content, backend and Google Ads.


A big part of attracting new clients will be content marketing. With the industry closely guarded on not providing misleading financial advice, it’s important that our expert writers work with Think Plutus team to ensure all content is correct, whilst still attracting a specific target audience.