TW Skin is a partner company of one of our other clients, The London Nail Co., and specialise in skin care and treatment. They’re turning heads in the region by using a combination of modern science with natural remedies, and teaching their clients how to avoid the confusion – and damage – of shelf upon shelf of random cosmetics. As with their partner, they looked to us for a full suite of branding – from logo and web through to print. Here’s what we did.

TW Skin Clinic website design

Web Design

Many of our clients come to us for web design with dreams of big hero images, and ‘flowy’ user experience. TW Skin, however, came to us with a simple mission: put up a site which maximises user engagement with our contact details, and simple transmission of information. So we built a framework that did just that. They’re seeing good traffic through their contact data at the top of the page, and user experience is kept to minimal fuss with a clear menu and a focus on content rather than imagery.


logo design for TW Skin clinic

Logo Design

Logo design is one of our favourites part of a full branding project, and TW Skin were thrilled with the outcome. It can be tricky to balance an inclusion of – or at least tip of the hat to – the name whilst retaining a significant illusion to the brand’s product. With TW Skin’s logo we thought balance was the key ingredient along with neutral, clean tones. The subtle combination of the T and the W allowed just that.


TW Skin clinic website iPhone

Local SEO

As with many of our clients seeking Search Engine Optimisation assistance, TW Skin is based in a local setting and as such has a focus on attracting local users on the web. Our strategy is focused on many clients of their partner company The London Nail Co., which makes this a challenging – and exciting – campaign where it’s important not to double up content, keywords and marketing.



Our speciality is online marketing, but our foundation – if you will – is print, and we’re passionate about providing clients with an offline presence to match their web brand. TW Skin asked us to design and manage just this, so we’ve helped them with targeted posters, flyers and business cards to back up the work we’re helping them with online.


Google G Suite

Cloud-based work is becoming ever-more important in today’s world, so we set TW Skin up with G-Suite – Google’s business-oriented tools online. As a certified Google partner, we’re able to do this reliably and efficiently for our clients, and help them through the early stages of use.