Clearance of all the rubbish we amass is an under-appreciated role, and that is never more noticeable than when undergoing works at your home or office. Enter WHW Clearance – an all-in-one cleaning and rubbish removal service that needed to get their name and product out to the world.

WHW Clearance rubbish clearance company website design on a MacBook

Web Design

This was – and indeed is – the sort of project we love: all-inclusive, design-oriented, something we can submerge ourselves in at Wolf. For a company like WHW that is not known for online engagement, it was critical to have a website that used images along with content to get across what they offer, and why their consumers need them.

To achieve this, we designed a website centred on a dynamic home page but consisting of clear wording throughout along with a sometimes informative, sometimes entertaining blog to encourage leads.

WHW Clearance Tunbridge Wells website design iPhone
Web Design for Rubbish Clearance Company


WHW presented a difficult job of balancing clear descriptions of their service with a dynamic interface online that would attract users to what is a fairly dry industry.



On top of this, we worked with them on design aspects of their company like print, business cards and invoices.


Logo Design

On top of that, we designed their logo that aimed to achieve the same as the site – clear but striking.

Logo Design for Rubbish Clearance Company - WHW Clearance
blue & grey business card design for WHW Clearance