About Wolf

Search Engine Optimisation is no longer for the feint of heart

We’ve got more in-depth stuff over on our dedicated SEO page if you’re really keen, but for now let’s suffice to say the one trick wonders don’t work anymore. Spammy links, as you’ve no doubt heard, are out the door.

The algorithms that search engines have in place now not only continually update, they improve themselves as they work their way through the web. SEO strategies that aren’t up to scratch get torn apart, and your site ignored or penalised. So let us take care of it for you.


Wolf, Specialist, experienced gurus. Here to help everyone from the small business to the Googles…though Google may not need our help just yet.

A lot of agencies and freelancers in this field have lost their way, because they’re too focussed on specific sections of the industry instead of what SEO was always all about, which is an holistic, integrated plan. Just having marketing push content won’t get you top, and just having an IT guy building you links won’t get you top. It needs to be a fully integrated project.

From start to… Well, never. And that’s the other thing – it doesn’t end.

But we won’t force you into working with us forever, we’ll get you set up and educate you along the way to whatever scope you would like.

Whether you’re a local cafe, tradesman, small business or established enterprise – Wolf has been around the trap and we can build your brand into what it deserves to be.