My name is Dave, and on behalf of my team at Wolf, I’m excited to say that we can make your website the best sales rep in your company.

You don’t need to have a web page in the public view that is full of unnecessary content and the occasional blog update – I can help you turn it into a business generation tool that works for you. For over a decade I have been working with local businesses across the UK to develop modern websites that optimise their online presence, and I have some space free now in my client list to help you level up your business.

We have never lived in a more interconnected, funnel-shaped society, and you can leverage that to pull people in as warm leads. Soon after starting in web development, I realised Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) needed to be a fundamental part of my role rather than something that was outsourced at a later date. For over 10 years my professional blend of web design and development, with leading SEO strategies, has lifted the bottom line for my clients.

My background is in operating a local businesses, financial services, and it was there that I saw the need that other owners had for someone to embrace their passion – and hard code it into the web. With this experience, I know the challenges you’re facing. I understand what makes a local business tick. I know that above all else, you need leads coming to you ready to engage.

I will build a website brimming with cutting edge User Experience (UX) tactics, proven SEO implants and a crisp, stunning aesthetic. Best of all, it’s all in your brand.

Over the years, I have worked by the philosophy that you’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with. So at Wolf I’ve built a team that specialises in a variety of disciplines – from design and graphics to content production – to make sure nothing is left behind in delivering your life-changing local business online platform.


Search Engine Optimisation is no longer for the faint of heart

Over my years working in the SEO field, the landscape has changed as often as the tide. This is an almost endless topic, and I have more in-depth stuff over on our dedicated SEO page and the Wolf blog if you’re interested, but for now let’s suffice to say the one trick wonders don’t work anymore. Spammy links, as you’ve no doubt heard, are out the door and effective SEO takes a mixture of experience and creativity.

The algorithms that search engines have in place now not only continually update – they improve themselves as they work their way through the web. SEO strategies that aren’t up to scratch get torn apart, and your site ignored or penalised. So let us take care of it for you.

I am a passionate professional with a load of knowledge across SEO and its related fields – PPC, SEM etc – but Wolf is more than me. It includes a team of dedicated SEO gurus that I both trained and handpicked.

We work as our namesakes in the wild: as a team, wholly focussed on the target.


Myself and Wolf work with everyone from local businesses through to corporations.

A lot of agencies and freelancers in this field have lost their way, because they’re too focussed on specific sections of the industry instead of what SEO was always all about: a holistic, integrated plan that delivers high-quality and relevant content to the right audience.

Just having marketing push content won’t get you to the top, and just having an IT guy building you backlinks won’t get you to the top. It needs to be a fully integrated project.

Importantly from your perspective, you don’t have to work with us forever. Our modus operandi is to make your online presence sustainable, efficient and not reliant on constant tinkering. We get you set up and educate you along the way to whatever scope you would like.

Begin your new era. Contact me today to discuss how we can direct new warm leads through your door.

This is Wolf.

Be Found. Stand Out. Grow.

Whether you’re a local cafe, tradesman, small business or established enterprise – Wolf has been around the trap and we can build your brand into what it deserves to be.