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More & more business owners are investing in search engine optimisation. It can be seen not just in official statistics, but in the quality of websites online and the fiercely competitive nature of both SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

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A quick Google search will not only show you just how true this is – it will also reinforce to you the very essence of our job as SEO professionals. Did you click through to the second page of search results? No, we didn’t either…

Search Engine Optimisation – More Intricate Than Ever

It’s important not to gloss over the importance of your online presence. Small, local businesses spend a lot of money every year in rental costs, on-site marketing, brochures – all of which are important – but without an effective online presence, and without showing up high on Google, a lot of that may be wasted.

Research shows that almost 100% of consumers may be researching businesses online before selecting their services or products. Think about that – everyone that walks through your door has looked online first. That means everyone that isn’t walking through your door is also looking online – and finding your competitors.

Now, this isn’t to scare you – it is to point out the importance of the industry. We encourage you to look into the field and do your own research.


Website Search Optimisation

With Google having been on the scene for almost two decades, constantly refining and perfecting its algorithms, there are countless things to take notice of when it comes to the optimised set-up of your site. This includes not only appropriate content on the front end, but also the right kind of backlinks with appropriate context and page rank. On top of this, is your website optimised internally? Page-load speed and user experience both play important roles.


How SEO Works Its Magic For Your Business

Search Engine Optimisation is a process, not a product off the shelf.

In turn, it operates in a linear, result-driven style: Increase, Engage, Convert.


1. Increase Visitors To Your Website

SEO is the process of improving the way that Google’s myriad of algorithms (and those of other search engines like Bing) perceive your website. Google has made it clear that it is here to serve users, not businesses, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t given us hints as to how we can get our websites up the top of their SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Working on your online presence in a number of ways allows us to boost your showings on Google, directly increasing the number of visitors to your website.


2. Engage The Right Target Audience

But getting a lot of people to your website won’t necessarily have the desired impact on your business in its own right. You need to find the right audience – that means not only users who are seeking your services or products, but also those that are more likely to contact you or spend money once they find you.


3. Convert Your Leads Into Sales

It may seem impossible, but with years of experience and the right tools, we can do both the above and then follow it up by converting those leads into sales. SEO isn’t just a fancy word – it increases the money you make, grows your brand’s standings, and a domino effect is created through your online presence.


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Sussex SEO Company Generating More Sales for your business

There is a theme that gets lost in the discussion between the SEO industry and SME/local business. It is the end goal of Search Engine Optimisation, of building an online presence, of analysing data: generating more sales.

Wolf exists to grow your business and be directly responsible for making you more money. That is what we have focused on for years, and it is what we’re good at.

We spend a lot of time trying to inform our clients of what we do, how we do it and why it’s important. But what is the key thing to communicate? The end result.

Working with us will build your online presence and reputation. You’ll show up higher on the major search engines. You’ll attract the right audience. But most importantly: your business will make more money with less work.

You wouldn’t get a builder to fix your car. Should you leave digital marketing & search optimisation of your business to anyone other than Wolf?