In this digital world in which we live, marketing has changed.

Whilst the fundamentals still apply – targeting your audience, capturing attention – philosophies and approaches have evolved with an increasingly educated and aware consumer-base.

People no longer want to be sold to – they seek relationships and honest engagement.

Consistently it is seen that successful brands are those that have a loyal following, and this is not achieved through cold-calls and sales alone. Content, as you may know, is now centre stage of the relationship show.

Content Writing for SEO

Content has evolved in its own right – from something that fills space and helps get your message across to something that is there to build relationships and engage your target.

This practice, however, of hitting the mark, is not so easily done. It takes time, testing and revisions, and is best handled by those who do it often. We’ll help you find your targets, study their triggers, and hit the mark.

What we write

When somebody visits your website they take just moments to decide whether they want to stay. You need to convince them that it will be worth their while to hang around and, although appearances matter greatly, so too do the words.

It is important that your website copy gets the right message across to the right audience. It needs to engage them on the appropriate level, and that level will be very different on a high technology B2B website than it will be on one promoting products for the home. What you say matters, but the way in which you say it matters at least as much.

It goes without saying that all of your copy must be original and that it must appeal to the very latest search engine algorithms. Be assured that all the copy we create for you will tick every one of those boxes.

SEO articles and blogs are an important way of increasing the visibility of your website, but it is very important that they are truly original and of high quality. Judicious use of keywords and phrases is important, but practices such as keyword stuffing and unnatural anchor text are frowned on by Google and can result in you getting penalised.

We produce only top quality SEO articles which are crafted to appeal to the latest updates of search engine algorithms as well as providing interesting and compelling content to inform and entertain their human readers.

The power of blogging should never be underestimated. Regular blog posts create customers, but blog posts must be original, unique and compelling; good design is essential as is creating the right voice.

Maintaining a regularly updated blog on your website will certainly pay dividends, but it is also a huge commitment and could distract you from concentrating on other aspects of your business.

Our team of copywriters can keep your blog updated with multiple posts every week, each one of them tailored to your targeted audience and subtly optimised to be search engine friendly.

E-mail marketing, when implemented well, can be an extremely powerful and cost effective tool for reaching out to your target audience.

We are experienced at developing highly effective email marketing campaigns that deliver new customers, increase sales, and develop relationships with prospective and existing clients. Designing an email message that gets across is a craft, an art, and a science. Messages must be relevant and preferably event driven. It is also important to monitor the results.

We are able to design, implement, manage and measure email marketing campaigns for our clients that guarantee to grow their bottom line.

In our electronic world the printed word is often neglected, but it is still as important as it ever was. Even Google makes extensive use of print. No other form of marketing grabs the attention of your audience as readily as print and it is far more effective at encouraging retention. Because it is tangible and we can hold it in our hand we trust it more than any other media and we are more likely to be persuaded by it.

Brochures, Leaflets, Flyers and Sales Letters are an excellent way of getting your message across, of building brand awareness, and maintaining your presence in front of your customers and your prospects.

Print is also unforgiving; it must be beautifully designed, perfectly implemented, and compelling. It is also important to maintain consistency throughout all of your printed media so that your brand is always recognised. We are experts at creating compelling copy and design for print.

Every business that is targeting growth needs a brand. It is your brand that makes you recognisable and distinctive in the market and that differentiates your business from the crowd.

There are very many factors to consider when building a brand. These range from the design of your logo, your website, your electronic communications, your printed material, and even your product packaging.

We are able to work with various sectors of your business to help develop a uniform approach and to craft appropriate copy that delivers a consistent message for your brand.

Many e-commerce organisations, including some of the biggest players in the country, handle product descriptions by reproducing those produced by the manufacturers. In terms of SEO this is a huge blunder and a wasted opportunity. Product descriptions should be designed to increase sales as well as being search engine friendly. They should be original, appropriately optimised, and honest.

Our team of copywriters can produce original product descriptions for any product that will not be seen as duplicate content by search engines and that will drive sales.

Writing an effective job add is something that many organisations find difficult, but it is something that is important to get right if you are going to attract the best candidates.

A well written job advert must grab attention through a compelling headline, it must generate interest with informative copy, it must provide specific information that encourages applications, and it must include a call to action.

You know the job and the kind of candidate you are seeking, but we can help you get the recruitment copy and content right.

Rich media is becoming ever more important and video messages can have a high impact whether embedded in your website or published externally, for instance on YouTube.

There are many subtle differences between the spoken and the written word, and when producing a script that sounds natural while imparting information such as “how to” instructions, product reviews, or video sales, attention must be paid to such nuances as speech volatility, timing, the words used, formality, and implied body language.

We can generate scripted content for your video presentations that sounds natural and does that job that it is designed to do.

Connect with your audience through strategy and precision; Let Wolf handle your content