As you’ll know if you’ve ever looked through out Insights page, Search Engine Optimisation is not a buzzword that’s going out of fashion: it is a key pillar of online success for businesses, and the principles behind SEO are going nowhere.

You need a website built securely, to high quality, with all of Google’s boxes ticked. It needs to be trustworthy to both users and search engine crawlers, and it should aim to be an authority in its field.

On top of this are secondary concerns like proper content, social links and all the rest.

working on a SEO audit in Sussex

So, how do you find out if you’re on the right track? Through a Wolf SEO Audit.

Undertaking one of our thorough SEO audits will show you where you’re succeeding online, and where there is definite room for improvement. This is more than just helping you to boost Google rankings, however, as a lot of these issues effect your user retention, lead conversion and social presence.


What does a Wolf SEO Audit involve?

Along with a few other elements, there are four major columns we will work through and present:

Site Architecture and Trust Audit

  • Domain information and age
  • SSL Certification
  • URL structure
  • Proper HTML Sitemap structure
  • Correct redirect signals
  • XML Sitemap structure
  • Doorway pages
  • Load speeds
  • Crawl errors
  • Page title and meta description optimisation
  • Headline structural issues
  • Keywords: correct use and avoiding blackhat issues like ‘stuffing’
  • Rich snippet implementation
  • Breadcrumb trail
  • Hidden text/links

Content Audit

  • Check for duplicate content
  • Compare existing content with competitor offerings
  • Analyse user retention and bounce rate
  • Investigate user behaviour and referral
  • Analyse Google Analytics data for trends and issues

Offsite Factors

    • Backlink profile
    • Domain authority
    • Citation flows
    • Anchor text

Social Media Audit

  • Overall presence
  • Account consistency and optimisation
  • Channel integration with website
  • Effective display of sharing buttons

In a Wolf SEO Audit, we use cutting edge software that allows us to delve deep into both yours and your competitors’ online profiles, looking for strengths, weaknesses and issues to be rectified.
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