One of the most frustrating things you can be told in 2018 is that the field of Search Engine Optimisation no longer matters. This has been put out there by non-industry people for years, and they’ve continually been proven wrong.

More and more business owners are investing in optimisation, at a growing rate. It can be seen not just in official statistics, but in the quality of websites online and the fiercely competitive nature of both SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

A quick Google search will not only show you just how true this is – it will also reinforce to you the very essence of our job as SEO professionals. Did you click through to the second page of search results? No, we didn’t either…


We’re not one of the agencies that denies the importance of offline marketing – we encourage it – but it’s critical to combine your offline presence with your online brand, and that’s what we’re here for.

Integrated marketing means just that – integration across all facets. So we will work with your team to make sure what’s going online is in line with what they’re doing offline.


The only thing more scary for a business owner than being involved in SEO when they’re not used to it should be the thought of not investing in the optimisation of their site when all of their competitors will be doing so.

SEO is not a dying art. It is becoming more and more important with the millions of websites that are competing for user focus in 2018. Let us come on the journey with you of building a sustainable business platform that keeps leads coming in, and keeps current customers coming back.

So if you have questions about how we’d go about it, or you just want to hand it over and let us get the job done,  talk to Wolf!

Trust Wolf with your business, You need to be up the top