You probably know by now how important Search Engine Optimisation is for the success of your business in an online world – but do you know the intricacies it entails?

Have you ever heard of ‘Local SEO’?

Local SEO can be the difference for small businesses between success and failure, and it sits on one of Google’s most transformative algorithm changes to date: mobile optimisation.

Along with the optimisation of websites for use on mobile devices, Local SEO became a major player with the Pigeon algorithm a few years ago. Particularly important for small, local service providers, we can help you get listed at the top.


Don’t be fooled by the focus on locality in this part of search engine optimisation – fundamental rules still apply, which is why you need professional help on this.

Simply having a website and noting that you’re based in ‘XX’ won’t help you. SEO is still an art and it’s why we’ve helped dozens of local businesses get more leads, and in turn more clients, out of their optimised website.


It sounds daunting, but Local SEO is actually here to help you – the local business.
So let us help you make it your weapon.

The beauty of this part of SEO is that it attracts leads that are far more genuine than some others. They’re local customers looking for local businesses. That means getting listed in their searches is even more important.

So if you have questions about how we’d go about it, or you just want to hand it over and let us get the job done, get in touch & talk to Wolf!