Hoxton Design is evolving: meet Wolf

There is a big difference between dumping a failed friendship, and developing over time. It is with this in mind that we want to tell the world: Hoxton Design is becoming Wolf.

this is Wolf logo

Whilst Hoxton Design has spent years delivering compelling logos, beautiful websites, effective SEO campaigns and integrated digital marketing to our numerous clients – many of them local businesses that we’ve built strong relationships with – we felt it was time to have a name that reflects our core values and standing rather than our business product.

What’s a wolf got to do with digital marketing? We’re so glad you asked!

Whilst the wolf is one of the most revered, talked-about, often feared animals the world over, it is not necessarily these attributes that spring to mind for us.

More important is the Focus – the wolf will set it’s sights on a target and will not waiver until it has grasped it between the jaw.

More important is the Strategy – the wolf will work with it’s team, every member playing their part professionally and intricately to deliver predetermined aims.

More important is the Power – yes there’s Focus and Strategy, but what brings it all together is the Power of an animal primed to deliver precisely what it wants. The wolf has evolved over millennia to be a breathtaking combination of intelligence, instinct and reflex to implement remarkably efficient and responsive movements in its environment. It’s also a cornerstone of the ecosystem it inhabits – changing the status quo in ways we don’t fully understand.

And so it is with our name change: we are not dumping Hoxton Design as a failed friendship. We are evolving.


This is Wolf.

Wolf is not just another digital agency. We are Search Marketing specialists, and will put your business in the view of the audience you need. Google on a mobile, Bing on an iPad, or any other search engine and platform you know.

Blending experience with instinct, reflex with strategy, we’re ready to put your business at the top.


Be the Wolf.