How SEO Techniques Can Grow Your Brand

A lot of the fundamentals that go into successful search engine optimisation of your website also help naturally market your brand. Here are 4 awesome ways to both increase the effectiveness of your SEO journey – which we believe remains the cornerstone of digital marketing – and get your brand in front of more eyes.

SEO techniques to grow online business brand - an eCommerce website on MacBook

1. Guest blogging

Guest blogging does a few things for your site: establishes you as an industry authority, gets your brand in front of target audiences, and creates good, relevant backlinks. But there are certain ways to do this to maximise the impact. For one, research both your broad audience and specific niches in the field.

That way, you’re covering traffic and strong conversions. For effective guest blogging, you need to be able to provide quality writing that the host will value and will publish and spread through their network.

Pro tip: use the content to link back to existing blogs on your site, to avoid heavy backlinking to your homepage.


2. Traditional social media outlets

It is well established now that sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are not only effective but necessary marketing tools for websites in the 21st Century. But they do more than share your products and hope for the best: they create a solid form of attracting traffic to your site, and whilst the full impact on SEO of social media is still disputed, there is certainly something to be said for any form of traffic building.

So social media is not only a part of an SEO journey, it is a proven way to grow your company brand. Share engaging content and be sure to interact with followers.


3. Left-field social media

What many marketers/business owners miss out in this set up is that of the lesser known social media outlets. Places like Reddit, Imgur, Pinterest and even Quora are sites that see loads of traffic, with people looking to share engaging and helpful information.

Whilst you need to be careful not to come across as too ‘salesy’ here, as the community will quickly pick that up and ignore you or kick you out, there is certainly a lot of backlinks and brand building to be had here.


4. Create a free industry resource

Finally, create a free industry resource that your leads, customers and friends will make us of and share. This sort of helpful, unique content available direct from your site is critical. An Ahrefs Content Explorer study of almost 1 billion web pages showed that over 90% received absolutely zero organic traffic from Google search pages.

That’s huge.

It means that content, and particularly unique, shareable content like an industry resource, helps get your brand in front of eyes that may never see it otherwise.